“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have people on your side”

Margaret Carty

Self-connection – Body & Mind – WORKSHOPS

Open for all levels, each workshop has a particular theme (Free your hips, Try to be you, find calm, fire and energy…) with exercises such as breathing, singing, dancing and stretching.

I give one workshop per month, for woman.

If you want to organise a workshop for an event (birthday, bachelorette party…), send me an email and I will be honored to build something for you.

Team building / Company / Association

You are an association, a company or an organisation and you want to create a regular event to form a tight-knit group? I can build a choir to teach how to sing and to have fun covering many popular songs with harmonies. I can also coach dance or stretching classes.

Please contact me to create a successful collaboration.